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I am Jeremy, and this is me on the top deck of a cruise at six in the morning!

Um, who is this?

This is Jeremy, a young man who is madly in love with travel and anything that smells of adventure. In 2013, when all of his friends were clamouring for the next biggest internship, Jeremy set off on his very first travel experience to Nepal, alone. He spent seven weeks in a village, living, farming and swimming with his new-found friends. The experience was breathtaking. Places like Kathmandu and Pokara were amazing, but Jeremy never saw travel in the same light again. As much as he loved taking photographs of monuments and scenery, friendships and cultural interactions were the more memorable things he took home.

I am Jeremy. Fast forward to today, I have already been on many trips around Asia and Eastern Europe. I spent four months on a working holiday in New Zealand, a month in both Indonesia and Thailand and four months in the Balkans. You can check out my travel footprints to see where I have been. Learning about cultures is important, thus I spend a fair bit of time in each country exploring and interacting with the locals.

Standing at the cliff of the Pai Canyon in Thailand, looking far out into the mountains across and the forest below my feet.
I enjoy discovering places off the beaten track. I always believe that countries offer much more than what tourists are used to. As such, I try my best to go where the locals go, eat where they eat and do what they do. It gives me a very different perspective of a place compared to visiting the usual tourist spots. Through this page, I want to share with you what you can do differently each time you step into a new location. Next time you think of Bangkok, give the Chatuchak night market a miss because there are better, more interesting night markets that the city has to offer.

So what can I expect from Jeremy?

In today’s world of driverless cars and travel booking apps, I strongly believe that travel cannot be automated. Here at Walking Worlds, I write about countries and places that I have been to myself. No robots, no automated content, no recompilation of what is already on the internet. Everyone’s way of travel is different, and I hope that what I provide can give you a personal, yet different perspective of a place. Whether you have already been to the country that I wrote about, or you are currently researching about it, my aim is that you walk away from this page thinking, “Wow, same country, yet so different!”

Before I start exploring on my own,

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Thank you for being here with me, and happy exploring!