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View of the Black Dragon Lake and the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.


With a population of 1.4 billion people, China is the world’s largest country by population. It is also the 4th largest country by land mass. It is no surprise that it is culturally one of the most diverse countries in the world. Moreover, China has a long, rich and colourful history that dates back more than two thousand years ago. China offers a wide range of travel experiences, from the glitz and glamour in Shanghai, the culinary paradise in Guangzhou, the forbidden city in Beijing, the natural beauties in Yunnan to the silk road in Gansu and Xinjiang.

This is the mountain pass as well as the third teahouse along the trek from Xidang Hot Springs to Yubeng village.

However, we cannot possible see all of it in such a short time! Thankfully, based on your travel interests, you can easily plan a route in China that does not involve too many flights or never-ending train rides. The South-Western part of China is famous for its rainforests, ethnic minority cultures and beautiful scenery. The North-Western part of China is known for its silk road history, ancient civilisation ruins and deserts. Central China forms the bedrock of China’s lustrous history, such as Xi’an and Luoyang cities. North-eastern China is known for its really cold winters and beautiful wintry scenery. Lastly, you have the coastal cities on the east that are extremely modern and cosmopolitan.

One of the cobbled streets at Shaxi ancient town.

Follow me on my journey through China as I explore the Western part, stretching from Yunnan in the south to Xinjiang in the north. You can hover over the points on the map below to see which places I have been and click on them to see related articles about that place!

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View of the Tien Shan Mountains from the valley within the Xiata Scenic Area.

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View of the various types of kawap or Uyghur kebabs. There are meat kebabs and testicle kebabs.

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View of the old city walls in Kashgar and an empty cafe in front of it.

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Uyghur woman protesting in front of hundreds of riot police in Urumqi.

Is Xinjiang dangerous?

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View of Qilian town, with an eclectic mix of Western and Chinese architecture as well as beautiful snow-cap mountains as a backdrop.

Qilian, a hidden gem waiting for you to discover!

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Front view of the Bayi Glacier in Qilian county, QInghai.

7 things you can do in Qinghai in China

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A bowl of Maocai (冒菜) which is an assortment of food in a bowl of chili oil.

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Sertar Buddhist Institute (Larung Gar) at night.

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Display of the skulls of the Tibetans who had a sky burial in Sertar Buddhist Institute.

This is how a sky burial looks like:

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View of the many tiny red houses from one of the streets at Sertar Buddhist Institute (Larung Gar).

Sneaking into the largest Buddhist Institute, Sertar (Larung Gar)

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Infant panda eating bamboo and resting on the belly of its mother panda.

Why Chengdu in China needs to be on your bucket list

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View of the Upper Yubeng Village from the bottom, with the top of the mountain shrouded in fog.

5 day trekking route around Yubeng village

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View of the Upper Yubeng Village from the end of the village.

Yubeng village: A trek in China you have to do

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View of the Stone Forest, or Shilin, in Kunming from atop one of the stone formations.

8 Things to do in Kunming

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View of the Black Dragon Lake and the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

3 ancient cities in Yunnan that you have to visit

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This is the view of the snow mountain to the waterfall from Yubeng village.

Why you should visit Yunnan when in China

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