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One of the best ways to meet local people is to hitchhike. Throughout my hitchhiking journey, I have met thousands of people from all walks of life. There is so much to learn from the local people, from politics, to religion and culture. In addition, you can also learn new languages! In just one year of hitchhiking in Latin America, I have miraculously picked up Spanish and can now speak pretty fluently.

Here are some of my hitchhiking stories around the world. Hopefully you can find some inspiration in them and maybe also start your hitchhiking journey!

View of the route that I took as I hitchhiked around the world.

On a 70,000km road adventure across the world

I began this adventure with no clue of where I would go, except for the first city listed on my ...
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Picture of me hitchhiking on top of a truck full of gas tanks.

The 10,000km journey through the deadly drug route

This is one of the world’s most dangerous regions, or so says the media. Here, you can find the cities ...
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View of the decades old signpost of the Carretera Austral in Chile.

From Argentina to Colombia: the 30,000km hitchhiking journey

The truth is, I never planned to hitchhike my entire journey across South America. After hitchhiking 30,000km from China to ...
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Photo with the drivers on the car, which took us 5000m above sea level to the glaciers.

The 9 personalities you will find while hitchhiking

One amazing thing about hitchhiking is that you get to meet many different people along the way. You could be ...
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Map of my hitchhiking journey from China to Spain.

From China to Spain: One crazy guy’s 30,000km hitchhiking journey

You heard right, no bus, no train and no plane. Through hitchhiking alone, I travelled from Kunming, a city in ...
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