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Uyghur woman protesting in front of hundreds of riot police in Urumqi.

Is Xinjiang dangerous?

The media is a scary concept; you hardly find positive news on the newspapers these days. When people think of Xinjiang, they only remember the terrorists, knifing incidents and the general instability that the media portrays. However, is it true that Xinjiang is dangerous, rife with terrorists and religious extremists? Here is a reality check: […]

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View of the many tiny red houses from one of the streets at Sertar Buddhist Institute (Larung Gar).

Sneaking into the largest Buddhist Institute, Sertar (Larung Gar)

You have heard of the Tibetans, the free Tibet movement and the Chinese government oppression of the Tibetans. While many of these “truths” are debatable, there remains one objective fact: the Chinese government does not fancy foreign interference. As such, many areas where Tibetans live are off-limits to foreigners. This includes the Sertar Buddhist Institute, […]

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